Thomas Salzano: Tips To Evaluate A Poetry

Each poem is unique, some inspire and some teach a lesson, some tell a story and some are the best imagination of the poet, says Thomas Salzano a famous poet and a blogger. Poetry is a passion for many, motivation for a hundred, and learning for a million.

Today, the poets have a number of platforms to share their talent of writing and take inspiration. Open mic poetry is one of the most popular platforms. Poets have started taking good advantage of the social platform over the internet to share their poetry and participate in virtual poetry competitions.

Thomas Salzano - Tips To Evaluate A Poetry

These platforms do have their guidelines to evaluate your poetry, although each competition may have different rules to evaluate the basic rules remain the same. To help the aspiring poets here are some general guidelines shared by Thomas Salzano on which your poetry is genealogy evaluated by experts. Take note of these and start evaluating your own work before you present it further. This will help you improve and understand the world of modern poetry.

  • The meaning of the poem

The first crucial point here is that the audience is able to understand the meaning of your poetry. So do ask yourself questions like “What is the poet trying to say?” “which line in the poem brings out the meaning of the poem?” “ What happens in the poem?” These are some general evaluating points so make sure the meaning of the poetry is clear to the audience.

  • Look for symbols

You as a poet must have used some concepts like youth, love, anger, life, or death. The evaluating point here is “What meaning do these symbols contribute, and how effective are they when presented?”

  • The Images Used in the poem (If any)

When you present your poetry in a written or printed form, you generally use images to make your poetry more engaging. But only the right choice of image can leave an impact, if the images are not relatable then the reader may lose interest.

  • Determine if the poem has a storyline

The main focus should be on the storyline of the poem. Questions that are important are like: “does suspense play a part in the poem? Is the ending to every character in the poem?  Are the conflicts resolved? 

  • Other Important Evaluating points
  1. Look at the choice of words
  2. Look for a rhyme scheme
  3. Determine the poem’s structure
  4. Determine the poem’s type
  5. Determine the voice and tone of voice of the poem
Thomas Salzano poetry

These are some general points of evaluating the poetry that each expert considers while giving feedback. These points of evaluation are essential for aspiring poets to consider while working on their poetry to make it easy for them to be prepared for evaluation and critical feedback, says Thomas Salzano.

On the other hand, the above-mentioned points will help you improve your work and make you capable of understanding poetry better from an expert’s perspective.