Thomas Salzano: Tips to Become a Published Poet

As a beginner, we all struggle to find the right direction in work and in our careers says, Thomas Salzano a famous poet and a motivational speaker. He says every poet feels that his/her poetry should be published but where and how is the question.

So as soon as you finish your poetry collection, it’s time to share your heart-melting work with the world. To make your decision easy and the process of publishing simple here a few tips by Thomas Salzano on publishing poetry and becoming a published poet.

Personal Blog

If you don’t what to earn money out of poetry and just want to reach out to the readers then starting your own personal blog is the right option for you. You can post your poems on your blog and share it with your friends directly through your own website, email list, and social media.

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Social Media

An open platform like Instagram and Facebook is always an option. The number of audience on these platforms are huge and are active 24*7. The ease of sharing content and pictures on these platforms is really easy. You can also tag other poets and bloggers in your post and if they like your work, you will soon find a new platform to shine.

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Publish your poem in a Literary Journal

One of the best ways is to publish your poetry in a literary journal or literary magazine. Do good research to find the poets & writers free catalog of literary journals that accept poetry submission.

The points to keep in mind for poetry submission:


  1. When you decide to submit a poem to a literary journal remember it’s professional so avoid using fancy fonts that are hard to read.
  2. Proofread and edit your work before submitting as errors can be the cause of rejection.
  3. Shortlist the best literary journals where you can send your poetry for publishing.
  4. Read the submission guidelines and make sure you follow their instructions exactly.
  5. Submit your poem and keep a record of the journals so that you don’t frequently submit your poems to the same literary journal.
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Find a Poetry Book Publisher

The popular way to get your poetry published is to find a poetry book publisher who would be interested in publishing a collection of your poems. Leave no scope of error so make sure you follow their submission guidelines.

Other Publishing Options

There are many other options where you can publish your poetry like Tumblr, Allpoetry, medium, Twitter, Hello poet, Wattpad and other platforms like WordPress. Explore the opportunities and see what’s best for you and your poetry. Sometimes a small platform can be a better option than directly publishing your own poetry book.

Thomas Salzano says that even if you publish your own book you will still need a social media platform to promote and let the readers know about your book and you as a poet.