Thomas Salzano — Portfolio Career Is A Great Idea

Each one of us has some talent in us. Some skills that we are working on and some dreams we want to accomplish.

The passion in you will keep motivating you to explore your strengths and challenge your capabilities.

“If you have a choice to indulge in more than one of your interests in life, a portfolio career is something you need to know and implement in your life”, is quoted by Thomas Salzano a famous blogger and a motivational speaker.

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Even in jobs, your boss will demand to show more creativity in work, flexibility is something that is in demand in every sector of the society. Whereas on the other hand, the youth of today has set an example of multi-tasking or if we use a more appropriate word is “Portfolio Career.”

As described by Thomas Salzano, a renowned blogger and a motivational speaker, “A portfolio career is a golden opportunity for you to allocate your time and energy in different part-time positions rather than in one fulltime job.”

Let’s talk more about the career opportunities in Portfolio Career:

1) Part-time

You can invest time in your other career options by opting for part-time employment. In this, you get the flexibility to do more than one job in allocated time which can be decided by you.

2) Seasonal

This is a traditional approach but in this century this formula of seasonal employment is smartly implemented. People work according to seasons and change their jobs with time. This gives them a combination of variety and stability at work and this variety becomes a source of regular income for them.

3) A career within a career

In this, you can work on more than one task at a time. This may sound confusing but this is possible. In this digital world, you can combine two or more career options in one. Like for example, a writer can be a blogger, a traveler can be a photographer, a musician can be a teacher, etc.

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You may have seen people on working on a different platform, you may have appreciated them but the only thing that you never realized is that even you can fit in this flexible and welcoming society.

The Pro & Cons of Portfolio Career are the main areas of concern, to motivated and aware of the situation they are planning to be a part of.

The Pros:

● You get a chance to express yourself and work on your skills

If you prefer working as per the variety of interests you have, this kind of style is a perfect way to keep you engaged and enthusiastic throughout your journey. You can be a great painter or a musician take out time for yourself and express yourself in a more beautiful way. The things you cannot do in a 9–6 job can be managed properly under a portfolio career.

● It a more secure approach to work in the digital world

The more skilled you are, the easier it will be for you to adjust in this type of career option. In a portfolio type career, you have multiple streams of income to support you. If one of the jobs is not serving you well you will still have other sources to pay the bills for you.

● You have better control of your time spent

In a portfolio career, you select the jobs as per your time and energy you can willingly put into it. The level of flexibility is clear to you when you select your career portfolio. You have control over time which you might not get in case of a full time job.

● You can explore more and better opportunities.

In a career where you are learning different skills, working with different people, presenting different work in front of a different audience, the chances for unexpected opportunities increases. The opportunity word here means the clarity in what the goals can be and which job motivates you to work and celebrate your success.

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● Personal growth

The multi-experience you get under the portfolio career makes you wiser and smarter. The level of growth you will see in yourself will make you feel happy and confident.

The Cons:

You can consider the cons as the challenges you have to face in Portfolio career management. If you are willing enough to work and explore these cons will not bring down your morale.

● Portfolio career demands more energy and efforts

You need to be energetic to manage your selected job careers. Your multi- passions can be fun and exciting only if you keep your energy level high. As there will be times when you will find it difficult to manage things but you need to have patience and self-belief that you can do it all you need is a good strategy.

● Finance and Career responsibilities

It is your responsibility to manage the financial needs and career expectations. You need to plan in advance the expected income and keep a check on your expenses. Make sure you make a portfolio with regular income and well plan your savings in case of an emergency.

These are the two main challenges related to portfolio career management.

But before you take any decision related to portfolio career to keep the following things in mind:

  1. Take a piece of advice on how will life change after portfolio style of career from someone who is already liking a portfolio life
  2. Be sure that you want to have a portfolio life, in case of a doubt think again and be clear about the decision you make.
  3. As suggested by Thomas a blogger who is living a portfolio life “ select the right shift with the right time interval” is a must.
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“Nothing is impossible, especially in a world where technology and development have increased the power of the common man.” is what Thomas N Salzano as a motivation speaker has to say about portfolio career choice.