Thomas Salzano – Poetry Can Change Your Life and Inspire Change in You

The means of poetry is different for each one of us, some may read it just for the sake of reading, some may enjoy and connect with the poem and then there are some who look for inspiration in these amazing life-related poems, says Thomas Salzano a famous poet and blogger.

The moment you connect and understand more of what poetry is and how it can shape your life is when you no longer hate anything about poetry. It is not important that each poetry that you read will please you or you will connect with each poet but definitely there will be a style of poetry that you will fall for and connect it with you and your life or thoughts.

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Thomas says that yes the path to reach the right type of poetry is not that easy especially for those who are at the learning stage, and are working hard to “find their own voice” and writing style. Although our education system has made poetry a part of our learning, giving a better opportunity for everyone to read and understand the beauty of poetry and connect with it.

Here are some reasons listed by Thomas Salzano on “How poetry reading can change your life:

Reading Poetry affects our mind and improves our imagination

The metaphors and images used in a poem to deliver the message to change our gut-level and give directions to our imagination and make it easy for you to connect with what the poet is trying to say. The minute you feel connected with the poem you develop a bond with the characters of the poem making our brain think more and imagine more of the situations and feelings expressed in the poem. 

Poets Change our vision with respect to life and the people around us

The beauty with which a poet explains and describes the world and the people around you will change your vision towards them. Poetry opens the door to imagining the world differently. Poets always try to bring out the positive side of every situation to inspire and motivate people and this is what makes poetry a better choice to follow regularly.

Poetry improves the reading habit

This may sound general but you will notice the change in you when you become a regular reader. Reading is a good habit and must be followed but in our busy lives, we ignore reading. But when you achieve the title of a poetry lover reading will automatically fit in your daily schedule resulting in improving your reading and understanding abilities.

Thomas Salzano - Tips To Evaluate A Poetry

You will get a new way of expressing your thoughts and feelings

Today’s generation has to go through a lot of mixed feelings of anger, frustration, self-doubt, love, and deal with situations where you are unable to communicate your existence and views. Poets like Thomas says, that poetry gives you the ability and power to communicate your feelings in a beautiful and true manner. Any emotion can be rhymed and expressed with the word that makes you feel better. 

Poetry allows us to empathize with others and experience what others have experienced

With poetry, we achieve a new level of empathy, allowing us to understand and express the pain, joys, sorrows and other emotions through their words. You will soon start imagining yourself in other people’s shoes and connecting with the right emotion of the person and situation.

It’s poetry that connects you with the universal conversation about the most important things of life whether it is your feelings, sensitive situations across the word, person or thing and positivity of thoughts and emotions. You gain the power of understanding the things said and what others mean by them and how they mean it.