Thomas Salzano – New Poetry Collection 2020

Reading new poetry is always a good experience as a reader especially if you are a poetry lover like Thomas Salzano and you eagerly wait for your favorite poet to publish his/her new poetry. The experience as a poetry lover has always been different from those who are more into reading novels. Also, the current pandemic situation has brought so many new topics and emotions in the limelight that the internet is full of interesting reading material shared by the authors/writers and is loved by the readers.

Thomas Salzano poetry

As a poetry lover, Thomas feels that there is always a craving for reading something new and relatable. So for all those readers who are looking for some good suggestion for poetry to read in 2020 here is a list shared by Thomas Salzano:

Swimming Lessons by Lili Reinhart

Lili Reinhart is new to the poetry world and her first attempt as a poet seems great. She expressed about battling anxiety and depression, young love, and heartbreak. She has beautifully touched the hearts of young readers and gave them a better look at the life of a young woman in the spotlight.

Break Your Glass Slippers by Amanda Lovelace

Amanda is a well-known poet and has recently published her new poetry collection “break your glass slippers.” This collection inspires and empowers readers to love themselves. For all those readers who are looking for inspiration, this is the right book to pick from the new collection of 2020.

If Men, Then by Eliza Griswold

Eliza is a Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist and writer known for her amazing work and creativity. She has released her 2nd poetry collection in the year 2020, expressing her experiences in a world full of celebrity, trends, and ego.

I Hope You Stay by Courtney Peppernell

I Hope You Stay by Courtney Peppernell is a brand new collection of poetry in 2020. The collection is all about heartbreaks, healing, and finding new love. This collection of poetry has already gained popularity among the young readers and is all set to become the best seller.

_Thomas_Salzano_ amazing poetry

Other Great Collections of Poetry that you can choose from are:

  • We Inherit What the Fires Left by William Evans
  • The Absurd Man by Major Jackson
  • Pale Colors in a Tall Field by Carl Phillips
  • Obit by Victoria Chang
  • Sincerely, by F.S. Yousaf
  • Postcolonial Love Poem by Natalie Diaz

The above-mentioned collection of poems 2020 is among the latest ones. Thomas Salzano says the new poetry collection 2020 is a treat for the readers as each poet has managed to gain attention from his/her work.

So for all those looking for some good poetry books to read you can choose from the above-mentioned ones and do share your review for the same. Happy Reading!