Thomas Salzano – Must-Read Poems for a Pandemic

Poetry brings positivity and words when expressed in a form of poem it touches the heart of the reader sys Thomas Salzano, a famous poet. There are days where each one of us is dealing with a pandemic situation with thoughts about life and existence, hoping for a better tomorrow. Many of you must have penned down your feelings and experience of the lockdown situation or how did you fight with the coronavirus.

These days the internet is full of news, articles, and positive thoughts that people share in the form of their recovery story or by poetry. Here are some poems listed by Thomas Salzano that are related to the 2020 pandemic with which you can relate to and will surely enjoy reading these:

Thomas Salzano - Poetry

Form This Distance by Cameron Alexander Lawrence

The shadows on the wall, our close companions,

Being as light- a trespass through trees and glass

Before transfiguring the carpeted hall:

In the painting of an open window, the curtains

Blow forever toward a sea, unseen over hills,

Far from our domestic urgency,

Where the southern morning breaks in,

Echoing on the surfaces, the sway of pine and sweet gum

-everything we shut out,

Even now, with the wind-speckled lake and the reeds

Ecstatic as holy rollers,

Even as the hospitals and morgues fill and fill,

I’m caught in my longing to be with you

Somewhere else, lost in the surge of ten million

Beating hearts beneath the tall towers,

Uncountable strangers going about their lives,

Their warmth separate from ours and not.

Quarantine by Sonja Livingston 

My father-in-law is coming to the end.

My husband drives over and stands beneath his bedroom window.

He tells his father about bluebirds in the park, how the cats

Are doing, says he remembers when he was seven

And they went sledding on the hill in Acton.

My husband stands beneath the window

Head tilted 45 degrees, taking in sky and pane and glass.

When he was a boy he thought his father was Superman.

Now his father has something to say but the words fall apart

Before they leave his mouth.

It’s late March. Most of the snow has melted.

My husband stands under the window listening to the last

Of his father’s voice, golden crocuses coming up at his feet.

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The Great Realisation, by Tom Roberts 

“Tell me the one about the virus again, then I’ll go to bed.

‘But my boy, you’re growing weary, sleepy thoughts about your head.

‘Please! That one’s my favorite. I promise just once more.

“Okay, snuggle down my boy, though I know you know full well

The story starts before then, in a world I once dwelled

“It was a world of waste and wonder, of poverty and plenty

Back before we understood why hindsight’s 2020

‘You see the people people came up with companies to trade across all lands.

But they swelled and got bigger than we could ever have planned

“We’d always had our wants, but now it got so quick.

You could have everything you dreamed of in a day and with a click.

‘We noticed families had stopped talking. That’s not to say they never spoke.

But the meaning must have melted and the work life balance broke.

‘And the children’s eyes got squarer and every toddler had a phone.

They filtered out the imperfections but amidst the noise, they felt alone.

‘And every day the sky grew thicker, till we couldn’t see the stars.

So we flew in planes to find them while down below we filled our cars.

‘We’d drive around all day in circles. We’d forgotten how to run.

We swapped the grass for tarmac, shrunk the parks till there were none.

‘We filled the sea with plastic cause our waste was never capped.

Until each day when you went fishing, you’d pull them out already wrapped.

‘And while we drank and smoked and gambled, our leaders taught us why,

It’s best to not upset the lobbies, more convenient to die.

‘But then in 2020, a new virus came our way.

The government reacted and told us all to hideaway.

‘But while we were all hidden, amidst the fear and all the while,

The people dusted off their instincts, they remembered how to smile.

‘They started clapping to say thank you, and calling up their mums.

‘And while the cars keys were gathering dust, they would look forward to their runs.

‘And with the sky less full of planes, the earth began to breathe.

And the beaches brought new wildlife that scattered off into the seas.

‘Some people started dancing, some were singing, some were baking.

We’d grown so used to bad news but some good news was in the making.

‘And so when we found the cure and were allowed to go outside,

We all preferred the world we found to the one we’d left behind.

‘Old habits became extinct, and they made way for the new.

And every simple act of kindness was now given its due.

‘But why did it take a virus to bring the people back together?’

Well, sometimes, you got to get sick, my boy, before you start feeling better

Now lie down, and dream of tomorrow, and all the things that we can do.

And who knows, maybe if you dream stong enough, make some of them will come true.

‘We now call it the Great Realization, and yes, since then there have been many.

“But that’s the story od how it started, and why hindsight’s 2020.’

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These were some amazing poems related to the pandemic written by poets and shared by Thomas Salzano. Hope you enjoy reading these and connect with the meaning and feeling of the poems.