Thomas Salzano: Inspiration to write

Even if you are a writer, there will always be days when you will find your brain numb and you will have to look around for inspiration. Every poet or writer needs to find inspiration in order to produce inspired writing.

“When I feel lost in the world of words, I start reading about my favorite authors and their work to relax my mind,” says Thomas Salzano a poet and a famous blogger.

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Here are some other ways listed down by Thomas N Salzano to help find inspiration for writing:

Your reading habit 

For a writer, it’s important to keep reading, and not just books or magazines but newspapers, articles, blogs, and poems of other writers. This reading habit will help you to stay in touch with the world and reading about what is happening around the world or the work of other poets. This will give you a clear insight into their views which might inspire you to write on a similar topic or against it.

Writing groups

You can join the writing group whether online or in your community. These groups allow you to share your work with others by reading out your story or poem, critiques them and get suggestions. In this way, you can improve your work and get inspired by the work of others.

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Writing journal

This is a highly recommended way for any writer. Take a simple notebook or if you want you can pick a nice journal. Write down thoughts, inspirations, quotes, and snippets of good writing you find and maybe the pieces of dialogs, plot ideas, and characters and whatever inspires you or fantasizes you. After you start maintaining the journal you will never fall short of inspiring ideas again.

These are the three best ways followed by Thomas to find inspiration to write when in need. “The writing journal is always with me even if I am traveling,” says Thomas Salzano a poet with inspiring thoughts.