Thomas Salzano – How to Write a Poem

“A poem is not just a medium to express your thoughts & feelings but a new way to connect with the world with your words,” says Thomas Salzano a poet and a blogger. Thomas started his journey as a writer when he decided to share his travel stories and experience with the world. His blogs became his inspiration to write the poem and express his thoughts and stories in a new way.

_Thomas_Salzano_ amazing poetry

To inspire and guide other aspiring poets like him Thomas Salzano has a few tips to share with us all:

  • Develop a habit to write: when you make writing your habit you will see the improvement in your words and sentences. The writing exercise will make it easy for you to rime the words and inspire you to write more relevant sentences.
  • Choose a specific idea or theme and a poetic form: focus on a specific idea or theme that you find fascinating and most interesting for you. There are different poetry forms like a sonnet, limerick, haiku, narrative, epic, couplet, free verse, and acrostic. Research well before you decides which form of property you will pursue.
  • Writing the poem: always try to use concrete descriptions of people, places or things in your poetry. Keep the 5 senses in mind before you write: smell, taste, touch, sight, and sound.
  • Always try to include literary devices:  Metaphor and simile add variety and depth to your poetry.
  • Focus on the sounds: Poetry is always read out loud and you should write your poem with a focus on how it sounds.

Thomas N Salzano suggests the aspiring poets that they must read out the poem to their friends and be prepared for the feedback. He says, “You may have to face negative feedback but don’t lose hope, as poetry demands practice and relaxed mind to pen down the ideas and thoughts.”