Thomas Salzano: How to Improve as a Poet

“To keep improving you need to keep challenging yourself, and keep evaluating your work from time to time,” says Thomas Salzano, a renowned poet. These days where the internet is full of content and poems to read, as a poet it becomes important for you to share your best.

With the changing time, and changing topic of concern every poet needs to work, research, read and write what the readers want. For this, you need to keep working on enhancing your knowledge about what is happening around you.

Thomas Salzano - Tip to Turn Poetry into Lyrics (3)

For the aspiring poets who are constantly looking for guidance to improve as a poet here are some tips shared by Thomas Salzano that will help you:

  • Read poetry and other informative articles so that you can get ideas and knowledge of what can be the topic for your next poetry.
  • Write regularly so that you can enhance your creativity on a daily basis, and become habitual of writing.
  • Research and learn to speak in poetics. For this, you should study literary devices so that you can learn how to use them in your own poetry.
  • Seek feedback not just from professionals but for the people around you as they are your actual audience
  • Try to write on realistic topics as that what the new generation loves to read about
  • Keep learning this is the best practice that will help you grow.
Thomas Salzano - poet

There is no stop button or a defined milestone that describes you as a renowned poet is what Thomas Salzano feels. There are poets that became famous after they died or even after publishing 100 poems, it was the 101 that gained popularity. So never stop trying and keep improving every day. Learn new things and share with others so that we all can grow together.