Thomas Salzano: Frequently Asked Questions Related to Poetry

It’s good to ask questions when you need to start something new or are confused due to any reason, especially when it comes to switching or starting a new career choice. Same happens with aspiring poets and those who are looking for new topics to work on as a poet, says Thomas Salzano, a famous motivational poet.

It is not necessary that the questions are techqual, Thomas says, poetry related questions are generally motivation and creativity based. Reaching out to the correct answers related to your quarries is helpful and makes decisions easy for you. Time is a major concern these days so if you get a quick response to your quarries you save your time and concentrate on your work better.


So, here are some frequently asked questions related to Poetry shared by Thomas that will definitely make things clear for the aspiring poets:

Question No.1

How do you start with your new poem? What was the reason that pushed you to write a poem or how did you made the decision that yes, from now I will

invest time in writing poems? 

Answer by Thomas

Yes, this question sounds interesting and similar as this is the most common question asked these days. I started writing when I was young but at that point of time I had no plans to become a poet. Soon the college competitions motivated me to write and challenge my creativity. I officially started from an idea, image, impression or a newspaper cutting that catches my interest. Soon I decided to become a motivation poet as I was a speaker and was good with motivational stuff. I decided to invest time in poetry after my poem was published in the local newspaper.

So, even you can find your little motivation or the positive signal to become a poet and start investing your time in writing. Reviews are what matters, if the reviews improve that means you are on the right track.

Question No.2

Do you share your poems with anyone that is an expert before you decide they’re completely finished and are ready for publishing? 

Answer by Thomas

It is not important to have a go to person every time when you write a poem. If you are in school or college your teachers, guides and mentors can be the right person to go to. Friends and family are also a great option. But in my case I trusted myself more than I trusted anyone else. I always shared my poem with the real audience like my classmates, participated in poetry competitions, connected with the local newspaper and poets to share my work. Later when I joined as a motivational speaker my Stage became my platform to share my work.

Question No. 3

Is it important to participate in poetry readings and other “Live events”? 

Answer by Thomas

Yes, if you want to overcome the fear of failure and rejection then you should participate in such events. You will get the most honest reviews and the chance to improve and learn.

Question No. 4

What was the reaction of your family when you decided to become a poet? When I left my job to pursue my passion of writing no one was happy and supportive. 

Answer by Thomas

I started writing when I was young so it was never a shock for my family when I said I want to become a poet. My work was the proof of my capabilities. But yes, many poets around me share a similar story like you. In today’s world it is important to be financially supportive but the fact is also true that poetry demands time. So, in this case be prepared for a plan B, like take a break from work and start working on your poems, keep sharing them for publishing, and engage in productive events so that your family sees an immediate result and gets a chance to appreciate your work.

Question No. 5

Where did you publish your first poem and were you paid for it? 

Answer by Thomas

College Competitions were the first earning event of my life. I started as a basic poet who wanted to explore and share my poems on almost every possible platform I wound, name it newspaper, internet, poets, teachers, magazines, etc.

These were the frequently asked questions by the reads from Thomas Salzano. It was important to answer these questions as many of you aspiring poets may have similar doubts in your mind. In case, you have any quarry related to poetry or publishing poetry you can always reach out to him.