Thomas Salzano: Frequently Asked Questions About Poetry

Poetry has always been a medium to inspire but for aspiring poets, it is a learning experience to become a poet, says Thomas Salzano, a renowned poet. We all have had some experience in life where we have tried to rhyme and create poetry of our own. It was fun right?

But as an inspiring poet, you have many questions that trick your mind while thinking to proceed with your poetry career. To answer a few questions that are frequently asked by aspiring poets from Thomas Salzano, here is a list that may help you get clarity about poetry and your career as a poet:

Thomas Salzano - poet 2
  • How important is it to share your first poetry with everyone? 

As a poet, you always want people to read your poetry, but the first one is always a little tough for us to share. This is because we are not confident, but to reach perfection you need to face criticism. So do share your poems with others, take their review, work on them.

Yes, it is important to share what you write, not just to gain confidence in writing but to gain recognition. 

  • How to choose your style of Poetry? 

Poetry is no longer limited to the style of writing. The freestyle is a popular one. Yes, it’s true that we read about the poetry styles but they were already created by poets and later gained popularity.

As an aspiring poet, you should work on poetry and then see if you fit that to any poetry style. Don’t force yourself to follow a style that is popular but you are not comfortable with. Poetry is all about expressions so work on that first, choosing the right words is a pro tip by Thomas Salzano here.

  • Is a poetry career a trending one? 

Poetry is something that can never go out of fashion, but you need to choose the right medium and expression to publish your poetry. Being a poet is an amazing career, and if you put your energy in the right direction, no matter what career you choose it will become trending for you. 

  • Which are the top poetry magazines & publications to follow and share? 

Start with the local ones first. Thomas Strongly believes that each digital and print platform that is available is the best. Naming or sharing a list does not count, as these days the free digital platforms and chat shows are ruling the world.

So follow the ones you like and share the platform you find your type of audience, it is the top one for you. For example, if your poetry is much about soldiers, freedom, and more patriotic, then any annual anniversary is the right time to share on any platform that has a column for the poetry. 

  • Is it a good idea to publish your poem as anonymous? 

No, it is not a good idea to publish your poetry as anonymous. If it’s your poem it should have your name with it. You should be proud of what you write, and hiding your identity as a poet will never make you feel happy. So come out of the box, and leave behind the hesitation, and use your name as a poet when you publish or share your poems.

Thomas Salzano - poetry

These are some common questions asked by aspiring poets these days. If you have any different suggestions or questions do share them in the comment box below and help the aspiring poets to come out of their comfort zone and experience what is real, says Thomas Salzano.