Thomas Salzano: Best Poetry Books to Read in 2021

The beauty of poetry is that it is never getting old, you write a poem now and it will keep inspiring a hundred years later, says Thomas Salzano, a renowned poet, and a blogger. The growing love for poetry among the youth has inspired so many youngsters to step in as a poet, and not just readers.

Although reading is the first step towards poetry, and each year a new set of poems and poetry books are released, that are rated by leaders and experts. Many readers, experts, and booksellers prefer recommending these books, and the sales do make them the best seller of the year.

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To make it easy for you to pick a poetry book to read this year, here is a list of “Best New Poetry Books to Ready in 2021” recommended by Thomas Salzano: 

  • The Poetry of Strangers

The Poetry of Strangers is a book by Brian Sonia-Wallace. In this Brian tells his cross country journey in a series of insightful and heartfelt essays. It’s an unforgettable portrait of America expressed through the hidden longings of one person at a time, by one of our most important voices today.

It’s a great book to read and in terms of reviews and rating, it is on the top list. 

  • She Wears Pain Like Diamonds

She wears pain like diamonds is a book by Alfa, the best selling author of “I Find You in the Darkness.”  It is a book about finding beauty in a  buried past and unearthing the treasures of strength and resilience.

Relatable and inspiring the author has set a benchmark again. The book is rated 4.6 out of 5 and is a highly recommended poetry book by experts like Thomas Salzano. 

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  • Kontemporary Amerikan Poetry

Kontemporary Amerikan Poetry is by John Murillo. It’s a poetry book on the legacy of institutional, accepted violence against Blacks and Latinos. The cook is a sonnet crown triggered by the shooting deaths of 3 Brooklyn men that becomes an extended meditation on the history of racial injustice and the notion of payback as a form of justice.

  • The First Free Women

The First Free Women is by Matty Weingast. There are many books that have beautifully expressed the journey of women’s struggle, birth, achievements, beauty, and many other expressions. The First Free Women falls somewhat in the same category as each poem and resonates with modern readers exploring the struggle, failure, grief, doubts, and ultimately, moments of profound insights of each woman.

Other Best Poetry Books of 2021:

  • Disfigured by Amanda Leduc
  • Laughing Atoms, Laughing Matter by T.H.MA Geller-Goad
  • Your Mom Thinks It’s Poetry by J. Warren Welch
  • Sincerely by F.S. Yousaf
  • Explosion at the Poem Factory by Kyle Lukoff & Mark Hoffmann
  • Collection of Poetry by Brianna Young
  • Pieces of a Reluctant Memoir by Michelle Golden
  • Pieces of a Poet’s Prayer by Brandy Lyriclee Payne
  • ARISE by Rebecca Robinson
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These are some top recommendations of poetry books for Thomas Salzano. Take out time from your business schedule and read this fantastic poetry that will relax your mind and build strong imaginative power with powerful words and expressions.