Thomas Salzano – Best Books for Entrepreneurs to Read in 2021

Reading books on a daily basis is a must for personal development, it exposes you new ideas, ways & increases your knowledge. Books are like real friends if you know the importance of that. It’s a good habit to read books on a regular basis. It can improve your pronunciation, helpful to get new words and learn many things about different topics.

Thomas Salzano is a good writer who has written many blogs. Recently in an interview, Thomas had shared he read many books. Thomas said their friends call him a bookworm. He spent most of the time reading new books. That is the main reason he achieved their goal in his life.

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Are you looking to start your own business or you are an entrepreneur?

If yes, then Books play a major & important role in your life. You need to do daily reading habits.

It not only teaches you all the do’s or don’ts but it also teaches you how to become a better entrepreneur.

As an entrepreneur, you have to face a lot of difficulty in your daily routine. To overcome that, books help you in a better way rather than your friends. Many entrepreneurs have a long list of good books and every month they set their goals by completing the reading of the books.

Even many entrepreneurs have a habit of reading a book before sleeping & learning something new.

If you are an entrepreneur or planning to enter the entrepreneur world then you are in the right place. Here in this article, Thomas Salzano is going to share the names of a few books that must read in 2021. These books are suggested by industry experts so you can choose them.These give you basic to expert level knowledge about being a successful entrepreneur. You will learn something new that will help you in your entrepreneur journey.

To make it easy for you to pick an entrepreneur book to read this year, Here is the list of good books recommended by Thomas Salzano.

Best books for entrepreneurs to read in 2021:

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The Lean Startup
Author: Eric Reis

The Lean Startup is a book by Eric Reis. It is one of the best business books for entrepreneurs to learn how to turn a startup idea into a sustainable business. This book helps entrepreneurs to build a product or service that an actual customer wants and are willing to pay for them.

Solving the People Problem
Author: Brett M. Cooper and Evans Kerrigan

This book is helpful for those who work with someone who thinks & acts differently than you. Solving the People Problem is written by Brett M. Copper and Evans Kerrigan. In this book, the author teaches about a healthier work environment like how to create a productive & healthier relationship with your colleagues, employees & coworkers.

Thinking, Fast and Slow
Author: Daniel Kahneman

Thinking, Fast and Slow is a bestselling book written by Daniel Kahneman. This book is based on behavioral psychology and decision-making. It teaches about how people make their own decisions. According to the book we have two systems of thinking – System 1 and System 2. System 1 is about thinking fast and System 2 is about thinking slow.

Own Your Career, Own Your Life
Author: Andy Storch

Andy Storch has written this book, this book is based on advice, habits, and actions that you can take in your career and life. It provides guidance for taking ownership of your career and life. This book is best for those who want to build their life best. 



Thomas Salzano recommends these books for entrepreneurs to read in 2021. These are helpful for budding entrepreneurs to learn new things that help them in a business. Salzano says you need to choose one or two books from this list and read them on a daily basis.