Thomas Salzano: A Road-map to Self-Publish a Poetry Book

It’s a dream of every poet that his/her work is appreciated by all and is published with there name, is what Thomas Salzano feels about the poet and their poetry. It takes years to reach a position where the poet decides to publish his/her work with the little fear of not being appreciated.

It’s still easy to decide that you want to let people read your poems and you finally want to publish it. But the only question that keeps striking, again and again, is “From where to start and how to get started.”

Here are some steps mentioned by Thomas Salzano about how to publish your poetry book:

You have to have a good collection of poems. So write more

To publish a book you need a lot of content and if its a poetry book then you need a good collection of poems. The average poetry collection is between thirty to a hundred poems. So make sure you fit in this bar of collection.

Choose the poems you want to publish

After writing so many poems it’s difficult for a poet to decide which one to be chosen as each poem is dear to a poet. So for this, you need to be sure about the selection of the poems. The poems should be around a particular theme, idea, style, subject or something with clear similarity to unify it.

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The poetry book format

If you are planning black-and-white pages of text, then you will need a trade to book and probably of a small size. If your poetry is related to some visual work, sketches, photographs or paintings, then you may go for photo books, which offers a range of sizes.

Organize your poems

See that your poems are placed in order so that it’s easy for the reader to understand the sequence as he/she unfolds the conversation.

Remember to edit

Pull out any poem which you feel is not intimately connected to your theme and is not fitting in your sequence decided. You can keep the edited poems for the promotion of the book or add it to your next collection for publishing.

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Designing your page layouts

Don’t put more than one poem per page, unless it’s a deliberate decision to a link between the two. Adding pictures or sketches to the poems adds to the quality of the poem as the reader gets more space to think and imagine.

Create your poetry book and put in all your creativity

You have the liberty to create and design your book. Just remember that you need to balance your creative vision with the cost of creation so that you can have a profit margin.

Print a copy of your book and proofread it before a bulk publishment

When the book is ready and is set for printing. First, get a copy for yourself and read the whole book twice. This will minimize the chances of errors and if you find any error it can be easily corrected before sending the whole lot for printing.

Revise once again maybe ask an expert to do so

After you have finalized the book and there are no errors from your side. Ask a friend or an expert to read the book again so that in any case you have missed out on any mistake the other person can find it or guide you regarding any changes or improvement.

Your book is ready for sale

After you are done with the above-mentioned steps, your book is all set to be sold. Find the right retailer and advertise your book through social media. Express its availability and give a glimpse of your work.

These are some simple steps that you should follow if you are planning to publish your book. In case you think you don’t have the right collection of poems don’t just start writing in a hurry to meet the target. Remember good things take time to calm down and look for alternatives like you can wait to publish your book or you can collaborate with some other poet to publish your poem with his is what Thomas Salzano suggests collaborate to all the poets.