Reasons Shared by Thomas Salzano for “Why You Should Consider Reading Poetry”

Reading poetry is not mandatory until it’s a part of your course but definitely is useful for those who read it, says Thomas Salzano a poet and a motivational speaker. The beauty of poetry is that you feel the message shared by the poet like you feel the songs written by a songwriter.

As a motivational speaker, Thomas uses his poetry at times to connect with the audience and the response is always positive. It’s just that people don’t have a habit of reading poetry that keeps them away from so many great poems and learning. Students do read poems but are limited to their course books, only those who explore more get more says, Thomas.

But there are at least 15% of readers that specifically read poems and follow, poets. That is a great number in this digital world where people prefer reading summaries only.

Honestly many readers find reading poems boring only after reading a few random textbook poems. This is the wrong way to judge poetry or come to any conclusion as poems in textbooks will always be a trouble for students as they have to learn it.

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So with the motive of motivating readers to read poems, here are some valuable reasons shared by Thomas Salzano on “why you should consider reading poetry?”

Your writing ability will be enhanced

Reading poetry will enhance your writing ability. Poems increase your understanding of rhyme and rhythm. Poets use various shades of common words that help you enhance your writing ability as you have a better idea of how and where to use the words that will make the sentence better. You come across new words while reading poetry that you naturally start using in your daily conversation and writing. 

Poetry gives you new ideas

Poets try so many new ways to deliver their message and many poets write about imaginative characters, reality, and awareness. These ideas shared by the poets can be used by you too. Poetry is also culture, where the poet describes the situation, problem, or beauty of the culture that helps you know about the culture and maybe you can use poetry as an idea.

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Poetry is fun

Not all poems are sad, you as a reader can choose your type of poems to read like motivational, funny, poetry about love, culture, victory, freedom, and so on. There are so many types of poetry you can choose from. People read poems because they enjoy reading and get engaged by the fascinating characters in a poem. Some also enjoy poems as they say it’s their type of story, they relate the character of the poem with people around and enjoy the poem in the most realistic way.

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Poetry Improves Your Vocabulary

Like reading improves your vocabulary, so does reading poetry. As a student, you must have experienced the situation where your teacher made you underline words in the poem and explained to you the meaning of the word. That’s how you improve your vocabulary. 

Improves your imagination

Poetry improves imagination and there is no doubt about this fact. While you read a poem your mind starts to imagine the situation, character, and feelings expressed in the poem. In the case where you dislike the poem or the ending, you imagine your own version of the poetry. This is a great way to keep your brain busy and avoid negative thoughts that run in your mind while you set ideals. 

Poems are short and Don’t take long to read

Those who do not like reading long novels and articles can prefer reading poetry as they are short. You should prefer reading something or the other every day as suggested by experts and if you hate reading for long hours, poetry is meant for you. 

Relax your mind and fill you with positivity

There are so many poets like Thomas, who write motivational poems, poems that spread positivity and knowledge about culture and real-life situations. Reading such poems relax your mind and fill you with positive thoughts about life. 

These are some reasons why you should consider reading poems. Reading is a good habit but at times your busy schedule does not allow you to read novels, this is the time where you can shift to reading poems.

This will relax your mind and give you some time to think about the beautiful message that the poet has given either to motivate you, make you feel better, educate you, or just give you some time to imagine, says Thomas Salzano.