About Thomas Salzano

Thomas Salzano, an aspiring poet, is transforming the world with his extraordinary literary compositions. Born in an upper-middle-class family in the city Lily Dale, New York, his childhood appeared in the vintage environment. 

At a very young age of 12, the poet has found out his own magisterial love for books and cantos. Inspired by the works of the great Shakespeare, Thomas Salzano mastered his noble delights for sentiments of poetry. 

He completed his master degree in communication and served as Public relation manager in the local library. After his retirement, he is now working for a local NGO that is conducive to maintain the standards of poetry. 

Thomas Salzano poetry book

Till now, Thomas has penned down 200+ poems and 100+ blogs. Also, he proudly cherishes to take part in 100+ poetry events in more than 10 countries.

His poems are mostly based on nature and photography as his inspiration to write poems comes from his travel stories and photography passion. Thomas Salzano also hosts events for aspiring poets to display and share their work and guides them with tips related to poetry. Thomas is also a motivational speaker and writes poems on motivation too.

Recently, Thomas has announced his upcoming project on poetry, in which he will compile all the best poems from his events and publish them in his upcoming book named “ Poetry from the Aspiring Bubbles.”