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Poetry is a beautiful form of literature that sculptures words amidst the expression of feelings and emotions. With a unique style and rhythm, a poet fascinatingly plays with words.

Enduring since antiquity, poetry has breathed through poems in almost every language and culture of the world.

The proprietor of this website, Thomas Salzano, is a monarch poet who is blessed to reach the heights where his every thought has found words.

Here you will find the masterpieces of his work along with blogs where he guides the coming poet generation as well as inspires everyone to read more and more literature.

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For his love for poetry, Thomas Salzano dedicates every blog post to all the poets and writers who are contributing in the field of liberal arts.

The poems written by Thomas Salzano are mostly motivational and inspire the aspiring poets and writers to stay positive and stay close to the mother earth. In this website you will also find a glimpse of his journey as a traveler and a photographer as most of his poems revolve around his experience and learning in these fields.

This website focuses on building a strong bond among poets all over the world, appreciating their work and taking their reviews about poetry. Thomas also shares his personal learning as a poet through his blogs published on this website.

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